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About Us

About Us

"LearnwithGuru.com" is a unique platform for educators and learners. The website has been developed to provide a flexible education system to improve the education standard in INDIA. LearnwithGuru.com (LwG) provides web and technical support to educational institutions. It successfully solves fundamental problems of current education system. LwG provides a flexible, comfortable, effective and more interactive learning to students. At the same time it helps educators make their teaching methodology smarter and more effective.

"LearnwithGuru.com" is a web initiative of Arche Education Private Limited, an India based Company.


  • Providing Web And Technical Support To Educational Institutions To Build An Effective Education System,
  • Providing Better Education At Every Doorstep.
  • Education For All

Arche Education (AE) has developed "LearnwithGuru.com" to act as the bridge between learning in traditional classrooms and 21st century's gift for education, the online learning system. We strongly believe that together we (Arche and You) can lay down the foundation to form a better education system for present and future generations. LearnwithGuru.com extends end to end solution, from developing smart and modern classroom to creating virtual classroom for support and delivery purpose. LwG empowers an ordinary classroom with all the equipments and resources to offer better education to their students. With the help of LwG, a Guru or an institute can achieve the efficiency which was beyond imagination till date.

People Involved
AE started with a dream and turned into a reality as few people with the same mission and vision joined hands to improve the present education system. We are striving to change the way we teach and the way we learn. In this technologically advanced era, learners are still forced to learn in the conventional way of education system that doesn't cater to their individual needs properly. We have built the tools and resources that every educator can afford and fulfil learners’ long craved needs. We started this initiative not to only modernize our education system but to make it the most effective way of learning. This initiative is a firm step moving from the orthodox system used for centuries towards the flexible approach of the 21st century. This is our little contribution to the society which we are a part of. We are not alone in this journey and are being ably guided and supported by passionate and talented people who intend to bring about a change.

Lead by
Ronak Kumar
Electrical Engineer
B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Madras
  Ranga Swami Reddy
Co- Founder
Naval Architect & Ocean Engineer
B.Tech from IITMadras

Aditya Patwari
Co-Founder & Director


Mrs. Maya Agrawal


Angel Members and Advisory Board
Rajeev Kumar
Software Engineer
B.Tech from MGR university
  Sanjeev Kumar
Software Engineer, CSE
B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar

Kartik Prasad Mishra
B.Tech (Mechanical), IIT Madras
MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management

LearnwithGuru.com also has many other supporters and well wishers behind the curtain, who invest their time, energy and expertise to achieve this goal.