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Learn at your own pace until you master it. Our unique online classroom provides you real time classes from your favorite Guru/Institute and bring learning to your door steps..
  • White board videos, hand written notes, practice problems for every concept & open Discussion forum: everything at one place.
  • The best quality study material and learning experience at your own comfort.
  • Bored in the classroom? Now choose your own speed and time for learning.
Contact us , if you want any of your Institute/Guru to provide online facilities to you. Or you can directly suggest about the concepts of learnwithguru.com to your current Institute/Guru.

What is LWG ?

LwG is an intiative to provide quality education to every door step. With the wide spread of tablets and internet, we chose the power of cloud and Internet as our medium to reach this goal.

The aim of LwG is to facililate learning by various means.
At present we have
  • Virtual classroom management system, which incorporates:
    • Video classes
    • Concept tests
    • Periodic tests
    • Discussion boards
    • Student performance monitoring
  • Cloud storage and File processing
  • AIS kit for Zero effort multimedia content generation
  • Course management service
  • Library
We also provide managed information system which helps the teacher in monitoring the student progress and keep track of various student details without any effort or expenditure by administration. For further details or any clarifications, Please contact us on support@learnwithguru.com. Our video recording technology is such that the size of the video is minimal to support slower internet connections at the students end. Also, once the video is recorded there is no necessity of editing the video from your end to make it noise free. All such tasks are taken care at our end. This saves your time & money interms of devoted employees for video editing, uploading, server maintenance etc. All you have to do is
  • Record your lecture
  • Save the video on your own desktop and
  • Connect to internet.
We will equip you with free softwares which does everything else from uploading the video to editing the video. For demo of how a class room appears to the student, please follow the link www.learnwithguru.com/demo We keep developing various modulus and features as the time progresses. If you have any specific requests or suggestions in this regard we are more than happy to discuss and work on it.
Students can get access to their institutes course material if their teacher or institution is enrolled with us. You can contact your teacher or institute to get benefited from this facility.